Social Events

Buddy High Tea

Buddy High Tea Buddy high tea is our annual gathering to greet existing SWIM members and welcome first years to SWIM. All new first year members are buddied up with an upper year member to get insider tips for first year. It’s a great chance for all our members to get together and kick off the new year. This tasty event features a BBQ and healthy snacks, as well as a cupcake decorating competition for some awesome prizes. So bring your smiles, sunnies and cake decorating skills and we’ll see you there!


Charity Wine and Cheese Night

Wine and Cheese aren’t the only things on the menu tonight. This evening we present to you a night of elegance, style, sophistication and most importantly, more food. So prepare your palates for a fine selection of wines and (food that includes but is not limited to) cheese because tonight is the gastronomic event of the semester! Best of all, proceeds go towards charity!


Clinician Networking Nights (The “Women In…” Series)

These networking nights are open to all year levels and a wonderful opportunity for anyone eager to find out more about the medical profession from practising female clinicians over a relaxed and intimate gathering. Every clinician dinner hosts a variety of specialists so these events are a great chance to network and gather insights into the lives of different practitioners. As per all SWIM events, these are open to male students – SWIM would love to have your company!

1. Women in Medicine

Have questions you’ve always wanted to ask a practising clinician but never had the chance to? Still woefully unaware of what to expect in a career as a medical practitioner? Looking for some great potential mentors and role models? SWIM has got you covered with the Women in Medicine event. The Women in Medicine event is a fantastic chance to ask female practitioners of all specialties those burning questions in a casual setting. Come to Women in Medicine for a great night of discussion!

2. Women in Alternative Medical Pathways

The second Networking Night is a chance to meet some well established female physicians from a wide range of medical backgrounds beyond clinic work or surgery. Some of the clinicians hold leadership positions as division heads, directors or CEOs, others are experts in public health or a field of research! Mingle and and hear their stories alongside some fabulous free canapés and drinks. Find out more about the great beyond and the far distances you can go with your medical degree at the Women in Alternative Medical Pathways networking night!

3. Women in Surgery

Like the other ‘Women in…’ events, you can expect a great night of discussion and insight over light food at Women in Surgery. The life of the female surgeon may, at times, seem shrouded in mystery. Look no further than SWIM’s Women in Surgery night for some female surgeons to inspire and inform those wishing to undertake surgical training. If you are curious about the issues and challenges that women may encounter if they seek a career in surgery, or simply looking for a general glimpse inside the profession, come along to Women in Surgery night. Males interested in surgery, don’t be fooled by the name – you too are more than welcome to come along for an insider’s look into the lives of surgeons.

4. Women in Rural Medicine

Medicine in the bush has it’s own unique set of challenges and rewards, distinctive from the urban centres. Australian rural and remote communities also consistently suffer from a doctor shortage. Thus, every domestic UQ medical student will has a rural/remote rotation in 3rd year. Members of the John Flynn Program may get early exposure during their first year elective. Many international students will most likely spend their first few years as doctor in a rural community.  In this special segment of the Clinician Networking series, run in conjunction with TROHPIQ, rural medical professionals will tell you what it’s like and how you can follow in their footsteps.