2012 Exec

Ashley Jenkin – President

I haven?t always made the smartest choices in life (studying algae instead of premed when you want to be a doctor?), but learning from your mistakes is just another form of progress! Now in my third year at UQ, I?ve sussed out the best environment for making things happen and realizing ideas, and that?s SWIM.

I look forward to getting to know all of you, supporting the actualization of the exec and conveners visions and being a positive influence at UQ Med. If you need a personal mantra to get you through a rough day, I?m sure I have a few gems to share!

Jacquie Lovatt-Stern – Academic VP

It was a long SWIM from the frozen north but she made it back to Brisbane in time to organize some awesomely educational events. From Clinical Exam Tutorials to Clinician Dinners, SWIMers are in for a treat. This former First Year Rep is as enthusiastic about her academic advocacy role as she is about maple syrup. She is looking forward to a wonderful 2012 with SWIM!

Julian Pavey – Secretary

Julian is my name, serving you is my game. I will be there to keep you in the loop with upcoming SWIM events. 2012 is going to be the best year of SWIM so far so make sure you don?t miss a single event! Currently in my second year of medicine, I now feel like I know a bit of how everything works. Feel free to send an email, check out the Facebook page, peruse the SWIM website for more information or even better, come find me at one of the amazingly awesome SWIM events happening this year. I?m looking forward to getting to know you.

Kristine Matusiak – Advocacy and Liason Officer

How does a young woman from Kingston, Canada become the Advocacy and Liaison Officer for SWIM 2012?

Simple: she spends a lot of time rowing in high school and uni, does a four year degree about how exercise is good for you and she watches a whole lot of the Food Network in between. With this worldly experience, my role this year is to keep you in touch with all things external to SWIM ? from TIME and TROHPIQ to the fabulous ladies in the Queensland Medical Women?s Society, I?m here to keep us engaged in the greater medical community.

I can?t wait for all the amazing SWIM events in 2012 and look forward to working with all our collaborators in the community!

Michelle Onlock – Community & Initiatives Officer

I?m so excited to be involved with SWIM as the Community Initiatives Officer this year. Canadian born and raised, I am extremely proud to call Australia my adopted home and I can?t wait to get SWIM members out in the community. We have great ways for UQ med students to help others and I am always looking to expand these opportunities. I also can?t wait to bring SWIM members together to meet new people, have fun and be active. A true fitness junkie at heart, I?m really looking forward to gearing up with SWIM?s awesome fitness program and I hope to see you all there!

Jackie Tran – Social VP

Jackie is proud to take over the mantle of Social VP from the lovely Dora, and is very excited to be on the executive of SWIM for 2012. SWIM aims to provide socials events with a difference. Her priority for 2012 is to ensure that studying medicine doesn?t become a drainer and provide events to compliment the UQMS calendar. Jackie has intimate knowledge of how to maintain excitement and fun and will ensure all members a fantastic 2012!

Louise Thomas – Sponsorship Officer

I?ve spent the last few years in Medical Sales and discovered a gift for helping people part with their money. After joining SWIM, I realized it was time to make-up for my dark years in sales and use the talent for good. We have a big year with some big sponsorship goals ahead! Let?s find some great new sponsors for 2012!

Annie-Kate Vann – Marketing Officer

My name is Annie-Kate Vann, but everyone calls me AK because it is more memorable and simpler. See what I did there? And that?s why I am the new Marketing Officer for the SWIM Executive of 2012. SWIM is a brilliant organisation, here to help you ? all of you, not just the ladies. I attended many SWIM events last year as a first year and found them all to be excellent, full of great people and really beneficial. Attending all of the Clinical Examination Tutorials was the best thing I did last year, and I want all of you to know just how fantastic these events, and indeed all SWIM events, really are. I will endeavour to bring you all the information ? properly punctuated, expertly edited and creatively crafted ? so every man, woman, child and their dog will know about SWIM and how amazing it is!

Justina Dobrolot – Treasurer

My name is Justina, I?m a third year originally out at Ipswich. I marvel at the miracle of excel files and have a deep appreciation of calculators. This dynamite combo of pastimes will be utilised this year to help make your dollar go the extra mile at SWIM events this year.