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Interesting articles


ATO data shows the incredible magnitude of the gendered divide in wages and rates of employment across a comprehensive list of occupations:
In Neurosurgery, the top earning profession: women earned $230,000 less than men, and there were 144 male neurosurgeons compared to 25 female neurosurgeons. Cardiology has a similar difference, with 690 men compared to 151 women. In general practice there is less of a difference in the gender balance, but women still earn $53000 less than men. While these figures do not take into account whether the earner works full-time, part-time or on a casual basis; maternity leave; or professional advancement, these factors are reflective of a political, legal and social climate which promotes women to leaving the workplace, discourages women from rising professionally, and stigmatises any efforts towards change.


Why are female doctors “woefully underrepresented” in high-status, high-pay medical specialties”: 


“A warning to women doctors: You are more at risk for burnout”:


“To report, or not to report? NSW doctors in domestic violence predicament”:


Women in Surgery


“The Secret World of Women Surgeons…”:
“Surgery made a man out of me,” she chuckled.
It’s jarring how, even then, her success and self-perception is compared to that of a man’s.


“Women surgeons and the challenges of “having it all””:“having-it-all
“The women in Kin’s interviews consistently expressed a deep sense of responsibility to not let their colleagues down, meaning they felt they could not show any differences or “weaknesses” compared to men.”


“A life spent in struggles and surgeries”:
“Women were never admitted to master’s programme in general surgery… When I applied for the MS programme, I was told I would never be accepted.”


Women in medicine, who to reach out to


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