2018 Event Dates


MONDAY 5th Feb – What I wish I knew In Medical School – learn about what SWIM and the other affiliates have to offer!

WEDNESDAY 7th Feb – Affiliates BBQ St Lucia  – come meet the teams behind the affiliates!

THURSDAY 8th Feb – SWIM Buddy High Tea – meet a mentor from a senior year, decorate cupcakes, consume refreshments. What more could you want!

TUESDAY 13th Feb – SWIM Ordinary General Meeting – OGM – learn more about SWIM and apply for a convener position!

THURSDAY 8th March – International Women’s Day Breakfast – join SWIM and TIME for discussions about humanitarian and disaster planning and response over breakfast!

TUESDAY 13th March – Ronald McDonald Make a Meal Night – help SWIM give back to the community and cater a loving meal!

SUNDAY 18th March – Clinical Examination Tutorial – Cardiovascular – experienced tutors help first years prepare for their Clinical Practice Exams

FRIDAY 20th April – Cocktail fundraiser! – enjoy a classy cocktail in your evening finest, while helping SWIM raise funds for Indigenous Australian Women!

MONDAY 23rd April – Professional Development Workshop – Come along and learn a skill to help your career and well-being!

SUNDAY 13th May – Clinical Examination Tutorial – Respiratory- experienced tutors help first years prepare for their Clinical Practice Exams

THURSDAY 17th May – Women in Medicine – network with incredible women doctors and enjoy some canapes!

SUNDAY MAY 13th Women’s Day Classic Run – run with SWIM and raise funds for Breast Cancer Research

  • Yoga – coming soon

  • Running Group – coming soon


  • JUNE Professional Development Workshop 2
  • JULY 25th – Women in Alternative Medical Pathways
  • JULY 29th – Clinical Examination Tutorial – MSK
  • AUGUST 16th Women in Surgery
  • AUGUST 28th – Women In Surgery
  • SEPTEMBER 16 – Clinical Examination Tutorial – Neurology
  • SEPTEMBER 21st – Wine and Cheese Charity Fundraiser
  • OCTOBER 14th – Clinical Examination Tutorial – GIT
  • OCTOBER 20th – Women in Rural Medicine
  • Fitness activities coming soon!