Supporting Women In Medicine

SWIM is a student organisation that recognises and aims to tackle the unique challenges women face within the field of medicine; and we believe equality is the way to acheive this. We aim to inspire, empower and connect.

To do this, we provide tons of academic and social support throughout the year.

One of the most important events we run are the clinical exam workshops. Here we give first years additional tips, tricks and practice time for your 5 clinical coaching assessments. Our lovely upper year tutors are knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. Our guest speakers are esteemed clinicians in their field.

Another fantastic, popular series is our “Women in…” networking series (that we are proud to say has run for years!). They provide students from all years the unparalleled opportunity to talk, network with and hear the journeys of female leaders in medicine, alternative medical pathways, surgery and rural medicine.

In 2017, SWIM was super proud to bring you our very first series of Professional Development Workshops targeted to prepare medical students for some of the challenges they may face in the workforce. These workshops include themes such as resilience, conflict resolution, recognising and dealing with workplace bullying or harassment and more. They are highly interactive, give you the chance to skill up and are facilitated by incredible industry leaders.

If you appreciate a good party too, you won’t be bored! From Charity Wine and Cheese Night, to Cocktail Parties, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, SWIM loves giving back to the community – we have charity bake sales, regularly cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House and take part in the Mother’s Day Classic run. Proceeds from some our events also go towards local and international charities.

Amongst all the stress, crazy and fun of med school, it is also important to take care of yourself and stay healthy. So SWIM provides weekly yoga sessions, group running and other fun fitness activities to de-stress with.

We believe that all students have a role in supporting women in medicine. So come join us, learn heaps, have fun and make a difference!







  • Ensure there is equality between genders in administrative decisions that affect students entering into and undertaking health related undergraduate and post graduate training

  • Ensure an educational environment of respect and understanding regardless of gender

  • Ensure there are adequate avenues for academic and social support for every medical student

  • Ensure students have the ability to care for their own individual well-being throughout their careers 

  • Ensure that there are adequate support networks for medical students with families

  • Ensure that SWIM as an organisation is accessible to all students in the health science faculty

  • Ensure the rights of each individual student are up held

  • Ensure there are projects in place to help and assist with the wide range of issues facing females within our community