A word from your President (2014)

SWIM has provided invaluable support to me and I have grown so much from being involved- I am incredibly lucky! This is what SWIM can do for you in your medical student career, along with a few personal anecdotes of my own experience with SWIM:

SWIM gives you the opportunity to maximise your learning experience, giving you a chance to practice your skills, learn from your peers, and listen to inspiring people.
Clinical Examination Tutorials have been invaluable to me as a tutee in first year and as a tutor in second year. Getting clarification and explanations from the tutors and speakers have allowed me to perform confidently in my assessments, and gave me an edge in the OSCEs.

SWIM cares about your health. Medicine is a difficult career. It’s a bit ironic that we become experts in health but oftentimes we neglect our own. SWIM is a firm believer in eating healthy and exercising to keep your mind and body healthy so you can be the best doctor you can be.
SWIM members and speakers taught me that you need to prioritise your health. Not only for yourself, but as a role model for your patients. Yoga has been awesome, and I love it as a stress-reliever. Crossfit is death, but is kinda awesome as well.

That's us doing the yoga pose warrior one. Oh yeaahhh we're awesome
Our Saturday morning yoga sessions in May 2013. That’s us doing the yoga pose warrior one. Oh yeaahhh we’re awesome

SWIM allows you to network like a boss. At our events, you will get to talk inspiring female doctors in every stage of their career. Brand new interns, dermatology registrars, rural generalists, paediatric immunologists, hepatobiliary transplant surgeons… You name it. Come to our events, ask a few questions, learn from their life experiences, get connected for your medical elective, find a mentor or a role model.
I have been quite simply inspired by the physicians I have met through SWIM. One of the highlights for me was meeting Dr Kellee Slater, who wrote “How to Do a Liver Transplant.” She’s a rockstar.

That's us talking to Dr Kellee Slater. She was such a lovely, down-to-earth woman, despite being a mind-blowingly successful surgeon.
That’s us talking to Dr Kellee Slater at Women in Surgery in 2013. She is such a lovely, down-to-earth woman (despite being a mind-blowingly successful surgeon) and patiently answered all my dumb questions

– SWIM gives you social awareness. As well as being kick-ass at supporting our students, we support a number of charities and organisations as well. 
In SWIM organised a Ronald McDonald House Make a Meal night, where we cooked dinner for some of the patrons there. It’s lovely to do something good for a stranger when they are having a tough time. In 2013 we sold armbands for the SHE Rescue Home, a group that rescues and shelters girls from sex trafficking in Cambodia.


SWIM will never rip you off. SWIM puts money into our social events to subsidise your tickets. We run all of our academic events for free.
I will be honest, I first started coming to SWIM events because of the awesome, yummy, free food- it started with cupcakes at Buddy High Tea, continued to delicious sandwiches at CETs, to fancy restaurants for our Clinician Dinners. Also, our Cocktail Night and Wine and Cheese are honestly the best value events out there.

My first ever Wine and Cheese! We are sitting in front of the raffle prizes for that year. I won cupcakes which pretty much made it the best night of my life.
My first ever Wine and Cheese in 2012! We are sitting in front of the raffle prizes for that year. I won cupcakes which pretty much made it the best night of my life.

If any of that resonates with you at all (or even if it doesn’t, just come along to mingle!) then become a part of SWIM. Our exec team is filled with some of the most wonderful, friendly and dedicated people I have ever met. Please come along to our events and say hello to us and your fellow SWIM members. We would love to meet you and support you in becoming a great person and a great doctor.