2018 Exec

SWIM is proud to introduce the executive team for 2018. See below to learn a little bit about your guiding team.

  • President – Hannah Laycock
  • Secretary – Amy Li
  • Treasurer – Serena Malone
  • Academic VP – Linnah Wang
  • Social VP – Hannah Tilling
  • Community and Initiatives – Rose Norton
  • Advocacy and Liaison – Naz Naeem
  • Sponsorship – Jessie Madden
  • Marketing and Publications – Emma List
  • First Year Representative – TBA
  • Returning Officer – Luke Ciantar

President – Hannah Laycock

Hello! I’m Hannah, and I hail from beautiful Sydney. I ran away to join the Brisbane circus (aka med school) in 2016, and have been longing for a decent winter and a day sailing on the harbour ever since. I’m a chronic volunteer, and this year I’m getting my fix as the SWIM 2018 President!

SWIM is such an incredible organisation, supporting medical students in every aspect of their lives – academic, professional development, advocacy, social networking, fitness and wellbeing. This year, I’m honoured to be leading an incredible and passionate team, and we’re excited to be introducing new academic events to cater to members in phase two; reintroducing our Cocktail Fundraising night; and expanding our Advocacy and Representation portfolio, working with QMWS and other women in medicine student bodies. Of course, all our old favourites will be returning to the calendar too!

I’ll be at lots of events throughout the year, so come say hi! I love to chat about SWIM and get to know our members – plus your input helps us shape the future of SWIM.

Here’s to another great year with SWIM!

Email: president@swimuq.org.au

Secretary – Amy Li

Hello, I’m Amy, a third year from the Gold Coast and former Sydney-sider. This is my third year in SWIM, and I return in 2018 as the secretary. Over the years SWIM has helped me hone those clinical exams (listening to heartbeats, percussing lungs, tapping on tendons…) and brought us networking events with standout clinicians in their fields.

Aside from academics, we’ve hosted free weekly yoga and running sessions, and volunteering opportunities to Ronald McDonald House. These are just some of SWIM’s hallmark events we’ve included in the 2018 calendar – and as for the rest – you’ll have to stay tuned!

So we welcome you to join us and, as your secretary, if you have any queries about SWIM events or what we offer, feel free to shoot me an email. Until then, looking forward to seeing you around!

Email: secretary@swimuq.org.au

Treasurer – Serena Malone

Hi all! My name is Serena and I am your 2018 SWIM treasurer!

I’m excited about this role as well as where SWIM is headed in 2018. Entering my 4th year, I’m thrilled to be able to give back to SWIM, an organisation that helped me so much early in my degree. I hope to develop myself in this role not only as treasurer, but in my support of the wonderful SWIM exec, SWIM members, and other medical students.

Equality in medicine is an important topic, and I hope to see more support than ever for such a great cause. Whether you see me at SWIM events or around the wards on the Southside, I hope you’ll come say hello. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Email: treasurer@swimuq.org.au

Academic VP – Linnah Wang

Hello, I’m Linnah from Brisbane, now living in Toowoomba! Two years ago I was a fumbling first year pushed suddenly into this terrifying world of Medicine. But what could have easily been a formidable and overwhelming experience actually turned out to be some of the most balanced years of my schooling life so far. A big reason for this has to be the sheer number of active societies dedicated to making the path we’ve chosen easier together. And, SWIM, with it’s genuine sense of community, inclusivity, and safety to have my voice heard, was an absolute stand out. As this year’s Academic Vice President, I look forward to hosting our ever-popular Clinical Examination Tutorials, which I’ll admit saved me more than a few times during my first year summatives! I’m also excited to continue our Professional Development Workshop series to help equip our third and fourth year students with skills essential for employment success. Please shoot over a message if you have any suggestions or queries. Better yet, come say hi at a SWIM event!

Email: academicvp@swimuq.org.au


Social VP – Hannah Tilling

Hi, I am Hannah Tilling, Social Vice-President for SWIM at UQ.
I enjoy frothy coffee, chubby dogs, bright pink and fresh mornings.

I am in my third year of medicine at UQ. My aspiration is to become an Orthopaedic or Plastic surgeon. I believe my passion stemmed from my undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) (Honours) where I was involved in the rehabilitation aspects of healthcare. I have always had a passion for social justice supporting Indigenous people and people with disability. I believe my passions have stemmed through my Aboriginality with family ties to Beaudesert Mununjali area. Last year, I was Indigenous representative for UQMS. Over the years, I have supported Indigenous children to attend university and have been an ITAS tutor for students. I have been lucky in both my degrees that I have supportive mentors and believe this is crucial in goal setting and success. I hope that through my role of Social VP – I will create events that connect medical students to each other as well as to inspiring doctors I will be organising the Women in – Medicine/Rural Medicine/Surgery networking events where you can find mentors and learn about different careers. We are continuing our Wine and Cheese night and bringing back Cocktail night this year. Come get involved, say hello and have some fun!

Email: socialvp@swimuq.org.au

Community and Initiatives – Rose Norton

Hello! My name is Rose, I’m very excited to be your Community and Initiatives officer this year! Medicine can be such an overwhelming journey at times and I hope to provide you with an outlet for your service cravings to make volunteering and giving back to the community a little easier in the hectic new life we have chosen for ourselves. We will be continuing with the Ronald McDonald House this year and will also be looking towards supporting new charities that align with our values by holding fundraising events. I will also be continuing the amazing yoga and running clubs so we can meet new like-minded people and keep fit and healthy together.

As a wide-eyed and nervous first year, SWIM really helped me find a balance in medicine with their networking nights, Buddy high tea, running club and CETs (which taught me everything for all my clinical exams). I am so excited to help provide you with all the amazing activities that SWIM offers, get ready for another amazing year to come!

If you have any suggestions for charities, events or sporting activities you would be interested in please send me an email!

Email: initiatives@swimuq.org.au

Advocacy and Liaison – Naz Naeem

Hi, I’m Naseera and I’m from Brissy! I’m so honoured to be part of the SWIM exec team for a second year, now as Advocacy and Liaison Officer for 2018. We have a super enthusiastic team, awesome partners and wonderful members – so get excited for another year of amazing events, activities and opportunities!

In my capacity as Advocacy and Liaison Officer this year, I hope to: expand SWIMs role and voice in the UQ medical community; work more closely with similar student groups in other faculties and at other universities; and build stronger partnerships with broader medical organisations such as the Queensland Medical Women’s Society. I aim to advocate not only for our members and UQ medical students, but for women in the wider community as well. Equality in medicine, leadership and health care still has far to go, and we create change one day at a time.

Come say hi if you see me around!
Email: advocate@swimuq.org.au

Sponsorship – Jessie Madden

Hi there. I’m Jessie and I’m Brisbane born and bred. I’m in third year now, and am thrilled to spend the year talking all things SWIM.

I was so excited to hear that UQ has a group dedicated to promoting equality between women and men and SWIM has never disappointed. It provides a supportive and fiercely passionate community for all UQ medical students and has helped me and so many other med students find their feet in this crazy degree of ours.

As Sponsorship Officer, I’m here to build partnerships with businesses and organisations to allow SWIM to run the many programs you know and love. I’ll certainly be around at each and every SWIM event, so please don’t hesitate to say hello!

Email: sponsorship@swimuq.org.au

Marketing and Publications – Emma List

Hello, I’m Emma, an American transplant and your SWIM Marketing and Publications Officer. I create the promotional material for our events and handle our website and social media presence.

It’s incredibly important to keep pushing for equality in medicine, and wonderful that UQ has this organisation as a springboard for that.

I’m excited and honoured to be on the SWIM exec. team and look forward to a fun and fantastic year ahead.

Email: marketing@swimuq.org.au

First Year Representative – TBA


Returning Officer – Luke Ciantar

Hi all!

I’m Luke, former arts student and world traveller. I got involved with the SWIM exec. because SWIM really helped me maintain a good study-life balance in my first year and I see the need for everyone, irrespective of gender, to help fight for equality in medicine.

As the returning officer, my job is mostly to help facilitate the rapid and successful realisation of the executive goals, so what I do is mostly behind the scenes. I’m also aiming to expand the legacy of SWIM, to involve past SWIMsters – linking them with current SWIMsters in a mentorship role.