We’ve got surprises!

Sorry for the AWOL folks, SWIM has been super busy the last few months – not only with our set events but also rolling out new ones!

Our new events and initiatives this year include:

Women in Alternative Medical Pathways (WIAMP) – A new addition to our ‘Women In…’ series, WIAMP gives you the opportunity to meet with amazing, well-established female doctors from a range of medical backgrounds beyond clinic work or surgery.

SWIM Running Group – We relaunched our running group this year, aiming it towards absolute beginners and mixing it up with sprints, lunges and more!

Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) – a series of workshops targeted to prepare medical students for some of the challenges they may face in the workforce. These workshops will include themes such as resilience, conflict resolution and recognising and dealing with workplace bullying or harassment.

PDW 1 Preparing for a Healthy Medical Career – Presented by the incredible Dr Ira van der Steenstraten this PDW focuses on mindfulness and resilience training. It is interactive, and is based on Dr van der Steenstraten’s Rapid Resilience program that is run for all QLD Health Interns.

PDW 2 Conflict Resolution through Negotiation –  Presented by Dr Anita Sharma, this PDW examines general strategies for resolving a disagreement and then focuses on tips for, and practising, negotiating to settle a difference between yourself and another person in a medical workplace.