Keen to join the SWIM team?

Interested in becoming more involved in SWIM? We have a lot of convenor positions waiting to be filled by enthusiastic and passionate people.

We will be electing these positions at our OGM on Thursday, 16th February at 5:00-7:00PM at the Therapies Building (84) room 128 (located behind the GAF). You must be a SWIM member to apply and vote. New members welcome!

We are looking for people to fill the following positions:

  • First Year Representative:
    Assist the exec team with organising events and be the liaison point for first years
  • Clinical Examination Tutorial Convenor:
    Assist with the organisation of 5 tutorials throughout the year.
    Work with the Academic VP, Hannah Laycock, to book speakesr, organise attendees and help with set up, check-in and food preparation on the day.
    Expected to be present at all CET dates
  • Guest Speaker Convenor:
    Assist Social VP, ErinJoy Bullough, with contacting doctors to be potential speakers at the ‘Women In…’ nights, Clinician Dinners.
    Assist with set up, food and drink prep, guest registration and meet-and-greet on event nights.
  • Community Outreach Officer:
    Work with Community Initiatives Officer, Daphne Mlachila, to organise events to get our SWIM members involved in community events such as Ronald McDonald House night, Micah volunteering and fundraising opportunities.
  • Fitness Program Convenor:
    Work with Community Initiatives Officer, Daphne Mlachila, to help develop and implement fitness program activities such as Yoga, Running Group. 
  • Returning Officer:
    A former member of the executive team whose role is to provide guidance for the current team, based on insights into how previous SWIM management have organised events. They establish continuity between executive teams and help facilitate the accomplishment of long-term SWIM goals.

To apply for the above positions, please complete the nomination form:

On the night, bring your buddies (+ yourself, of course) to vote for you at the OGM! If you cannot make it to the OGM but would still like to be considered, please let us know by emailing Also shoot an email to this address if you have any comments or questions!