2017 Executive Team

SWIM is proud to introduce the executive team for 2017. More information is coming soon!

  • President – Aishwarya Jangam
  • Secretary – Amy Li
  • Treasurer – Cathy Liu
  • Academic VP – Hannah Laycock
  • Social VP – ErinJoy Bullough
  • Community and Initiatives – Daphne Mlachila
  • Liaison and Advocacy – Linna Wang
  • Sponsorship – Luke Ciantar
  • Marketing and Publications – Naseera Naeem
  • First Year Representative – Xu Beixi
  • Returning Officer – Celina Chuo

President – Aishwarya Jangam

Hi all! My name is Aish and I am so very excited to take on the role of SWIM President this year! SWIM is very close to my heart – over the past three years I’ve gone from a participant in SWIM events to a convenor to the Social VP. SWIM has introduced me to a supportive, dynamic and passionate community of like-minded people and has motivated me to put my best foot forward. I feel honoured to
be given the opportunity to give back and build on this legacy of supporting our students’ academics, social life and wellbeing, while also advocating for further equality in the workplace for all those disadvantaged by the status quo.

Recognising the differences and difficulties that come with being a woman in medicine continues to be important, so that we may continue to work towards a diverse and equitable workplace and community. I am so excited to work with my wonderful team this year and to meet all of you. I hope you’re all ready to go on this rollercoaster with us!

 Secretary – Amy Li

Hello there! 

I’m Amy, a second year currently living on the Gold Coast, though Sydney is forever my hometown. This is my second year being involved with SWIM, 1st yr rep in 2016, and I know it’s going to be a great year ahead with the lovely, inspired team of 2017. Come join us for the annual Women in Medicine events with guest consultant speakers, Clinical Exam Tutorials and many more academic events. Also keep your eyes peeled for our new volunteering opportunities and fitness activities. We’re here to help you academically in med school and to provide fun events along the way and no, we are not a club exclusive to women.

As your secretary, if you have any queries about SWIM events or what we offer, feel free to shoot me an email. Until then, looking forward to seeing you around!

 Treasurer – Cathy Liu

Hello all! My name is Cathy, a Brisbane-born fourth year, and I can’t wait to be your Treasurer this year. Like the rest of our exec, SWIM has also helped me a lot throughout med school. Not only is the calendar packed full of amazing events, but it also gave me the chance to meet a truly motivated and inspired group of individuals.

Last year I had the opportunity to be a part of the team as Academic VP, where I grew to appreciate how much work this organisation puts into supporting our fellow students. I’m really excited to take on the role of Treasurer this year, to continue to supporting SWIM and all our wonderful exec in their roles. Looking forward to meeting you all and for a great year ahead!

 Academic VP – Hannah Laycock

Hello! I’m Hannah, and hail from beautiful Sydney. I ran away to join the Brisbane circus (aka med school) in 2016, and have been longing for a decent winter and a day sailing on the harbour ever since. I’m a bit of a chronic volunteer, previously being involved in community service, leadership development and youth mentoring programs. This year I’m getting my service fix as the SWIM Academic Vice President, bringing you the ever popular Clinical Examination Tutorials.

For me, SWIM made my first year in Brisbane that much easier. From help with study, to social events, to everybody’s favourite weekly yoga, SWIM made it easier to meet people and make friends, get engaged in med school and survive year one! I’m hoping that together with the rest of the awesome 2017 exec we can make SWIM bigger and better this year, and continue serving and empowering the UQ med school community.

 Social VP – ErinJoy Bullough

Hello SWIM family! My name is EJ, short for ErinJoy, and I am excited to be your Social VP this year! Originally from California, I lived in Arkansas and Ukraine before moving to Brisbane. Last year I benefited from all the good SWIM does, like CETs, yoga and Wine and Cheese, and I wanted a greater role in it! I am passionate about equality between women and men, and SWIM creates an amazing, supportive community where we can further this goal together.

I look forward to hosting some amazing and memorable events this year! I will be organizing the Women in…Medicine/Rural Medicine/Surgery networking events where you can find mentors and learn about different careers. We are continuing our highly successful Wine and Cheese night, and we are thrilled to bring back Cocktail Night this year! The 2017 exec are planning an incredible year, so come get involved and have some fun!

Community and Initiatives Officer – Daphne Mlachila

Hello there! My name is Daphne and I am a second-year med student in the Ochsner cohort. In terms of my background, I am a Malawi-born & US-raised individual who enjoys drinking copious amounts of tea and baking cupcakes. Last year, SWIM played a pivotal role in my life with their superlative clinical exam tutorials (CETs), networking events, and volunteer opportunities.

I am super excited in my new role as the 2017 Community and Initiatives Officer. In this capacity, I help to plan some of the general wellness activities of SWIM such as yoga, as well as planning volunteering activities. SWIM has a long history of volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, an organization which supports pediatric patients and their families. In 2017, SWIM will continue supporting this wonderful organization, and will begin volunteering with Micah Projects, a non-profit organization that helps to support and empower women. If you have any questions about SWIM or are interesting in volunteering with us, please send me an email!

Liaison and Advocacy Officer – Linnah Wang

Hi you! I’m Linnah and I’m from Brisbane (except in summer when I seem to be rejected by everything in this heat-soaked town!!!). This time last year I was a fumbling first year pushed suddenly into this overwhelming world we call Medicine. But what could have easily been a terrifying experience actually turned out to be my favourite and, surprisingly, most balanced year of tertiary schooling so far (yeah, you heard me). A big reason for this has to be the sheer number of active societies dedicated to making the path we’ve chosen easier together. And, SWIM, with it’s genuine sense of community, inclusivity, and safety to have my voice heard, was my absolute stand out.

I feel incredibly lucky to not only continue receiving that support this year but to also, as your Advocacy and Liaison Officer, 1) push for greater representation of women in medicine and 2) organise collaborations with other amazing societies so that we can bring what we love about SWIM to a wider audience. Say hi if you see me! Try shouting if I stare blankly.

Sponsorship Officer – Luke Ciantar

Hi All! I’m Luke! Former arts student and world traveller I got involved with the SWIM exec. because SWIM really helped me maintain a good study life balance in my first year and I see the need for everyone, irrespective of gender, to help fight for equality in medicine.

As the sponsorship officer, there’s not much you need to know about what I do, as my job is mostly to liase with the greater community to maintain and expand our sponsorship portfolio: suffice to say I am responsible for bringing in the backers that help make our programs financially possible. Where you will see me though is at our events, and yoga, and whatnot, so come say hello, wherever you find me!

Marketing and Publications Officer – Naseera Naeem

Hi, I’m Naseera! I was born in Brissy and have a love for all things media, design and photography. This, combined with the fact that I can never stay still, has led me to volunteer with a number small community organisations – organising events, creating posters and posting ads. So my position as Marketing and Publications Officer with SWIM this year gives me the perfect excuse to put aside the pathology textbooks and immerse myself in the more creative arts.

Equality in medicine and leadership still has far to go and SWIM provides support and opportunity for all medical students, in the hope to one day achieve this equality. As such, I am honoured to be a part of the SWIM exec team this year and look forward to sharing our fantastic events with you all!

First Year Representative – Xu Beixi


Returning Officer – Celina Chuo


 Meet our 2017 convenors here.