2015 Exec

We’re very excited to introduce our executive team for 2015. More information coming soon!

President – Lok Tung Lee

Tung Lee - President SWIMHi there! I’m Tung, the president of SWIM for 2015. You may have seen me around, looking generally flustered at SWIM events during the past few years as the First Year Rep in 2013, then as the Academic VP in 2014. I’m very pleased to lead a wonderful new exec team into 2015 – read more about them below!

Because I like challenges and being stressed, I’ve stepped up to be the President of SWIM for 2015 after spending the prior two years in the exec team honing my mass-emailing and sandwich-making skills. I think I’m well equipped to handle anything that can be thrown at me now! Having such a strong exec team definitely makes life easier too.

Medicine is now no longer a male-dominated career, so is SWIM still relevant? – “Where is SMIM (Supporting Men in Medicine)?“, I hear you ask.
I believe that the original founding goal of SWIM – to promote equality and balance in career and life – is still a worthy cause to champion. Back when SWIM was created, our mission meant we focused a lot more on our Women In Medicine/Surgery events to give aspiring female physicians guidance through issues unique to women. We still have these events to this day but now strive towards our goal of supporting the academic, physical and social wellbeing of men AND women through a wide range of events such as fitness programs, community outreach, social nights and skills workshops. The name stays the same (because SPIM – Supporting People in Medicine – doesn’t roll off the tongue easily) but our scope is now much larger!

I hope you enjoy the events we hold for you this year and hope to see you around!

 Secretary – Sapphira Putri Rusli

Hello! My name is Sapphira. I hail from the not too distant tropical paradise – Indonesia (disclaimer: biased opinion). Previous to Med School, I completed a BSc undergrad in Melbourne Uni. So, I’m all too familiar with sausage sizzles and the likes of Aussie culture.

Drawing from my meticulous categorisation of Youtube video clips, I hope to bring my organisational skills to SWIM. In the short couple of years of my time in medical school, SWIM has greatly impacted my medical career. Not only does SWIM cultivate academic prowess, but also promotes a balanced healthy lifestyle for students. I am excited about all the events SWIM has to offer, so you will definitely be receiving e-mails and updates from me about all of our wonderful events.

Don’t be shy to shoot me an email should you have any questions!

 Treasurer – Lina Chen

Lina ChenWith past experiences as treasurer and the assistance of excel files and calculators at my disposal, I’m ready to tackle on the monetary challenges SWIM may face this year 🙂

Although raised in Canada, I quickly acclimatized to the welcoming warm weather of Brisbane and look forward to my second year at UQ. Whether you’re catching me making illegible notes or gorging on food, feel free to stop by and say hi!

 Academic VP – Kate McCall

Kate McCall - Academic VP
A “twosie” who decided to run off and see the world, I am Brisbane born-and-raised and graduated from UQ with a BSc(Biomed) in 2013.
On somewhat of a whim last year I went to the SWIM OGM and started my exciting journey with SWIM as the First Year Representative. It was a slightly more considered decision to run for Academic Vice President for 2015 and I am looking forward to the tasks, the problems, and the fun ahead of me this year.
I think SWIM is a great idea, not because there shouldn’t be men in medicine, not because they don’t need support too, not because I think there should be quotas or ratios or gender based allowances. I think SWIM is great because born out of a desire to empower women in the medical fields, a group has been formed that strives to help ALL medical students academically, socially and professionally, with mentoring programs, social nights and help with clinical skills.

 Social VP – Arzoo Fazaluddin

Arzoo Fazaluddin - Social VP Since arriving in Brisbane 2 years ago from Canada, I’ve always wanted to get more involved, particularly with SWIM and I was very excited to be given the opportunity to do so this year! I’m very excited to be involved with the social aspect of this group, with some great events to follow from the past years. Despite what all may believe, SWIM has no gender, and I hope to try and remove this stigma by catering to our members with Y chromosomes.

I look forward to hosting SWIM’s big social events, excelling in the tasting of both wine and cheese! I have a lot of great ideas that I think will make for great events this year, including the clinician dinners, cocktail night, and wine and cheese! Can’t forget the wine and cheese! I look forward to seeing more of everybody in the year to come!

Marketing and Publications Officer – Jiun Mei Chung

Jiun MeiHi! My name is Jiun or June if you’re having trouble pronouncing the “i”. I’m in my third year of med and my second year as SWIM’s Marketing Officer!

Given the honor to be part of the SWIM team last year, I grew fonder for this organisation and it’s effort in supporting fellow med students. I’ve chosen to run for the same position this year because designing has always been my hobby and pretty much the next thing I’m good at, first being surviving med school. I am excited to work with the new team this year and bring more creative ideas and strategies. I hope to build more awareness among med students about SWIM and all the fantastic events we organize. So be sure to check us out and see you at our events!

p.s. I finally decided to write a profile this year because Miss President threatened us executives with some made-up bio and unflattering picture if we don’t submit one. The horror!!

Community and Initiatives Officer – Celina Chuo

 Liaison and Advocacy Officer – Ken Huang

Sponsorship Officer – Jessica Nguyen

12659827_10205260447017572_518967247_nHi, I’m Jess! I’ve been a member of SWIM since first year, so I’m very excited to be a part of the team. SWIM is an active group, and we consistently run heaps of clinical tutorials, meet-and-greet clinician nights, exercise activities, mentoring opportunities, and social events throughout the year for our members. Our sponsors help make these events possible, so I’m hoping to continue all the partnerships we’ve built, and also get new people and businesses involved to support our cause! In particular, I aim to work together with local businesses in our area to build more long-term partnerships. I have been passionate about promoting equality in medicine for all students, so I hope that I will be able to contribute to the work that SWIM does. I have enjoyed being involved with SWIM, because I believe we are working hard to help support and empower our members throughout med school and in our future careers.