2014 Exec

Emily Shao (President)

How did a weird, talentless twosie, originally from a no-name school in Sydney, find herself in the position of President of SWIM for 2014!

It first began at Buddy High Tea, back in 2012. I helped design an ace cupcake and was invited to the OGM to win a prize. There was a call to be involved as a convenor for Community Initiatives. I wasn’t very confident in my abilities but the people there encouraged me, so I thought why not! And then I got involved, was inspired at the academic events, and had a lot of fun at the social events. Wine and Cheese was so amazing that I decided to apply for Social VP for 2013.

And in 2013 I got to work with the amazing exec team. I got better at public speaking, developed some hectic event organisation skills, and met some amazing people.

By complete good fortune I have found myself in the position of President. 2014 is going to be awesome. I hope to meet a lot of you at the SWIM events!

Lok Tung Lee (Academic VP)

Hullo there! I’m Tung (pronounced “Toong”…yeah, it’s okay) and I’m very excited to be SWIM’s Academic VP for 2014. I’m a second year who got involved in SWIM early as the first year representative (read: chief sandwich maker for events) in 2013! With the help of our executive, I’ll be in charge of running events like clinician dinners, and clinical exam tutorials – all for the benefit for students. Rumour has it that SWIM’S academic calendar is one of the most jam-packed amongst the affiliate societies…and judging by how much I’m freaking out about keeping things together this coming year, I can tell you the rumours aren’t unfounded! Luckily, the amazing exec for 2014 has got my back covered and it’s bound to be a smashing year. Don’t forget that SWIM also has social or wellbeing events too, so there’s something for everyone! Hope to see you around!

Susan Zhang (Secretary)

Unfortunately, I’m no international student with worldly experience, just a lowly second-year with absolutely zero skill in good (or bad) puns, fair warning. I’m sure the other members of the exec can deliver on those aspects. However, I hope to put my almost-constant presence on Facebook and the internet in general (more so during SWOTVAC and exams) to good use as the new SWIM secretary. Feel free to e-mail or Facebook message with any questions about SWIM, anything related to SWIM etc., and if I can’t provide you with an answer, there’ll be someone I can get you in touch with who can. Also, please don’t be creeped out if you receive random messages on occasion from the SWIM address with updates, newsletters, seemingly arbitrary queries regarding your membership (information provided will not be used for nefarious purposes), notifications if you’ve made the cut for a certain event, the usual. Keen as beans to meet you all and for the great year ahead!

Linda Lin (Advocacy & Liaison Officer)

Don’t let the medical studies riptide suck you in. If you ever feel like you’re struggling, consider us as your go-to floatation device.

As the liaison & advocacy officer of 2014, my responsibilities include promoting ties between SWIM and other medical organizations and student clubs. This includes the Queensland Medical Women’s Society. My main advocacy concerns surround female medical students & doctors. However, in passing years we’ve opened our horizons to include the weaker sex. After all, behind every strong woman in medicine is her supportive significant other. You can’t swim without boy-ancy.

I’m also Canadian, one of bucket loads actually, here at UQ. So, hate to disappoint you if you were coming to UQ for the 100% Australian experience. It’s more like 50% Australian experience, 10% Singaporean and 40% North American experience.

Jacqueline Luk (Community & Initiatives Officer)

Hey everyone! My name Jacqueline and I’m the new community and initiatives officer. I’m super excited to be part of the SWIM executive team this year. It’ll be my third year with the club, but first as an executive member. I’m looking forward to meeting all the new and old faces of SWIM and continuing the ever popular CrossFit and yoga classes. I can’t wait to add new programs like Ultimate Frisbee this year (Yay)! It will definitely be a busy year as we try to build on the high school education program and Ronald McDonald House cooking program (with the final goal of getting members involved). All of this will only work with feedback and support from the members, so don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s something you really want to get involved with or if you have questions! Looking forward to another exciting year with SWIM!

Rena Resurreccion  (Social VP)

Hello Hello. I’m Rena, a second year Sydney girl. But to me more specific and explain my “where on earth do you come from” accent, I’m a Filipino-born Canadian Australian who also spent over 3 years in the States (mostly in Houston and Rochester, NY)… It’s probably best just to ignore the accent and accept that I’m from Sydney. Among some new ideas we’re looking to bring into 2014, SWIM’s Wine & Cheese and Coctail Night bring elegance into med’s social calendar. While crazy costumed parties are a blast, who doesn’t love a chance to class it up every now and then? So ladies and gentlemen, save the body paint for some other party and get ready to party in style!

Sarah Campbell (Sponsorship Officer)

Hi friends!!! My name is Sara and I’m a third year Canadian girl currently living the beach life up in Nambour. I’m really excited to be taking on the position of Sponsorship Officer for the SWIM Exec 2014!! I’ve personally had a great experience being part of SWIM and taking part in fitness activities and Clinical Exam Tutorials in the past. Our sponsors play a huge role in making SWIM events a reality and allowing us to promote academic, social and community health initiatives in the best and most exciting ways possible (hello Wine and Cheese!!). I’m hoping to contribute to SWIM in 2014 by sustaining our wonderful current sponsorship relations and hopefully forming new ones! Looking forward to a great year!

Jiun Mei (Marketing Officer)

Coming Soon

Lina Chen (Treasurer)

With past experiences as treasurer and the assistance of excel files and calculators at my disposal, I’m ready to tackle on the monetary challenges SWIM may face this year 🙂 Although raised in Canada, I quickly acclimatized to the welcoming warm weather of Brisbane and look forward to my second year at UQ. Whether you’re catching me making illegible notes or gorging on food, feel free to stop by and say hi!