2013 Exec

Jacquie Lovatt Stern (President)

Hello SWIM! I hail from the frozen forests of Canada, a little place called Chelsea, Quebec (don’t worry, no one else has heard of it either). Trading in snowshoes for flip-flops was a great decision. Now in my third year of med and my third year on the SWIM executive, I am honoured to hold the position of SWIM President. With a stellar executive in place, the sky is the limit for SWIM! As President I will strive to support the executive and uphold SWIM’s great tradition of providing the best academic, social and wellbeing support for UQ Med students. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Chantel Taylor (Academic VP)

Greetings and salutations. My name is Chantel and I’m a second-year Jersey girl from the Ochsner cohort. I was previously the First Year Representative and have grown to love everything that SWIM represents: healthy minds, bodies, and spirits (for ladies and gents in case anyone was under the impression that this is a female-only group). I’m looking forward to inspiring my classmates, both upper and lower, to engage in the many activities that I’ll be running this year with the help of the Executive Board. From clinician dinners to clinical exam tutorials, you can be sure to find these events educational, beneficial, and delicious! So, be prepared to have to your world rocked because I’m ready and eager to provide you with a year full of delightful events.

Jennifer Jones (Secretary)

I’m Jenny, a second year, all the way from Seattle, Washington. I’m here to keep you informed about the sensational and spectacular events SWIM is planning to entertain and educate you with in 2013. Find and friend us on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing. Please don’t be shy; send me an email if you have any questions or suggestions. I’m looking forward to meeting you and I know you’ll love being involved in SWIM just as much as I do.

Leigh Waters (Advocacy & Liaison Officer)

Swimming is a refreshing activity; it will pull you out of the library, provides exercise for your body & helps to clear your mind. SWIM does all this too?with your clothes on! And even better, SWIM will introduce you to awesome, like-minded & inspiring people. As Advocacy & Liaison officer, I’m going to help SWIM members expand beyond the pool deck and get involved with other UQMS special interest groups and the Queensland Medical Women’s Society.

After three and a half years as a nurse in an emergency department in Toronto, Canada, I took the plunge and started medical school at UQ. I love Brisbane and really enjoy exploring the city on my bike in the sunshine. I’m always on the hunt for the best coffee and the quietest spot in the library.

I’m looking forward to working with all the SWIM exec in 2013 as well as recruiting and meeting new SWIM members! I’m always free for a coffee, a ride or a swim anytime!

Marie Claire Lamb (Community & Initiatives Officer)

I am very excited to be SWIM’s new community initiatives officer. I have a firm belief that life needs balance, and although we could easily spend all of our time studying, SWIM helps bring that essential balance. I look forward to getting us out into the community and continuing the fabulous fitness program. As a yoga instructor, I look forward to leading many classes and continuing weekly fun runs, as well as adding some cross-fit. We will have ample opportunity to spread our health and helping hands into the community with existing and new volunteer projects. Thanks for letting me be a part of this awesome group!

Emily Shao (Social VP)

When somebody told me to join SWIM in first year I was a bit uncertain at first. I thought, “what does this group really do and do I really need to be a member?” But then they told me about this awesome event called Wine and Cheese and I was convinced.

Life is made of good and bad decisions. Joining SWIM ranks up there with some of the best. They provided so much support and information to a lost little first year, with the Clinical Examination Tutorials, Clinician dinners, and amazing social events.

SWIM and its members have been so wonderful to me, and I am so honoured to be SWIM’s Social VP for 2013. I will ensure great events for the 2013 calendar- see you at Cocktail Night and Wine and Cheese!

Yi Wei (Sponsorship Officer)

My name is Yi – I am passionate about food, puns and being the SWIM Sponsorship Officer for 2013! Having attended Cocktail Night, Wine + Cheese Night, Clinical Examination Tutorials and various Clinician Dinners throughout last year, I’ve seen how great SWIM is as an organisation. As Sponsorship Officer, I’m aiming to be to link between SWIM and a variety of sponsors so that we can continue to be synonymous with high quality clinical, academic and social events. I am looking forward to reaching some new sponsorship goals and being able to contribute to the continued success of SWIM in 2013!

Ashley Walsh (Marketing Officer)

During my undergraduate years, I ran an underground business designing t-shirts for the fraternities (yes, I’m a Yankee) on my campus. They paid me in sushi and cheap beer. Now that I am the new Marketing Officer for SWIM, I will be working free of charge (though I am always open to the occasional California-roll(ed) my way). Needless to say, I am thrilled with the way my marketing career is advancing!

Jokes aside, I strongly advocate everything this group stands for and I am honored to take on this position. I am eager to contribute to SWIM and I will strive to promote SWIM’s events, and the organization as a whole, in the most constructive and aesthetically pleasing ways I know how!

Lina Chen (Treasurer)

With past experiences as treasurer and the assistance of excel files and calculators at my disposal, I’m ready to tackle on the monetary challenges SWIM may face this year 🙂 Although raised in Canada, I quickly acclimatized to the welcoming warm weather of Brisbane and look forward to my second year at UQ. Whether you’re catching me making illegible notes or gorging on food, feel free to stop by and say hi!