2011 Exec

President – Catherine Macdonald

” The Captain”

Currently entering my third year of medicine at UQ, I am Kiwi born, Scottish blooded and Tasmanian raised. And yes, I am proud of this! I recognise I have a fantastic combination for a lifetime of hiiiiilarious jokes, but beware, underneath my somewhat quiet demeanor lies a perpetual debator ready to pounce at any time. As President of SWIM my role is to lead and support the SWIM executive throughout 2011 and ensure the mission, vision and goals of SWIM are upheld.

Academic VP – Ashley Jenkin

” The Book Worm”

In a land of ice and maple syrup a girl chose environmental biology in university. Always wanting to be a doctor, this decision was mental (knowing about algae doesn’t help you treat patients). Luckily, having left for Australia, she met a brilliant group; SWIM. After representing year ones, the girl just couldn’t get enough. Now, she advocates for students in academic forums while throwing wicked (and informative) events to help them make all the right decisions and prove they’re rockstars.

Social VP – Dora Pelletier

” The Butterfly”

I welcome you to an exciting new year filled with endless possibilities. I can’t wait to fast track your networking and social experiences with many not to be missed SWIM events from start of the year Cocktail Night to the much anticipated Wine & Cheese!

Secretary – Yvonne Cheah

” The Compass”

Dearest members new and old, I welcome you to SWIM for 2011. This year, I as your secretary will help you to embark on an awesome adventure that is SWIM. I will be your guide in keeping you up-to-date with the plentiful activities SWIM has to offer this year through Facebook, E-mails, our website and of course face to face at all activities. So don?t hesitate to drop me a line.

Treasurer – Justina Dobrolot

” The Bean Counter”

My name is Justina, I?m a second year at Ipswich. I marvel at the miracle of excel files and have a deep appreciation of calculators. This dynamite combo of pastimes

will be utilised this year to help make your dollar go the extra mile at SWIM events this year.

Liaison & Advocacy – Jessica Page

” The Drumstick”

Here to beat the drum for SWIM, internally, externally, inside-out and sideways!

Sponsorship Officer – David Griffin

” The Magnifer”

Dave is here to GO LARGE! Making every SWIM event bigger and better for you through the help of our awesome sponsors

Community Initiatives – Janique Dyba

” The Ideal-ist”

As the new Community Initiatives Officer for SWIM 2011, a newly created post, I want to first welcome back old friends and extend warmest greetings to new recruits. In this new position I will be taking over the Buddy Program, the Fitness and Wellness program and the Ongoing Maternal Health Project as well as implementing new community initiatives such as the high school outreach program. My goal for this year is to push our members to make the most of what we have to offer. I want everyone to take advantage of our health and fitness programs to get into ? the best shape of your life?. In addition, I encourage all to give back to the community with our high school outreach program and our buddy program designed to help a first year get through the year. Along with other academic and social activities, SWIM provides you with heaps of great things to benefit your experience. Get involved, you?ll be glad you did.

Marketing – Keeri Young

” The Megaphone”

Brewing within the deep turmoil of Med School vs Art School, I found the happy medium of Marketing Officer for SWIM. With what is arguable the easiest job on the Exec, I convince YOU that SWIM is awesome (because? well? it is!) I?m responsible for all of the marketing material for SWIM including posters and the newly returned newsletter, The Lasso of Truth. 2011 is going to be a phenomenal year for SWIM so if you want to get involved, especially if you want to put something together for the LoT, email me!

Returning Officer – Lucie Mudie

” The Old Fart”

You might remember me from such productions as the “2010 SWIM Exec”… These days, when I’m not getting the early-bird special with a senior’s discount, I’m here to smooth the transition from old exec to new. I don’t get a vote on the new exec, which is probably lucky since my presbycusis is worse than my cataracts. Best of all, I get to reminisce about the ‘ol days and offer pearls of insight, and a helping hand when needed.